Sure-Loc PHOENIX QA 複合瞄準器 (不含準星)


Sure-Loc PHOENIX QA  複合瞄準器

Quick Adjust high speed threads provide silent elevation movement at a rate of .400 per revolution. In addition to the Quick Adjust, SURE-LOC’s Phoenix QA boasts a variety of features all geared toward precision. These features include cant adjustment, reversible windage offset, 3rd axis adjustment, windage and elevation adjustments, adjustable pointer, and elevation tensioning system.

Scope Sold Separately


• Reversible windage offset
• Cant adjustment: Adjust to your natural cant
• Windage and Elevation Adjustment
• 3rd axis adjustment
• Elevation tensioning system
• Adjustable pointer
• Titanium guide rod

Available with a 400 (4") frame and a 6" extension.