Sure-Loc ONE 複合瞄準器 (不含準星)


Sure-Loc ONE​ 複合瞄準器


With weather proof and vibration proof components paired with light weight design, the SURE-LOC ONE is SURE-LOC’s new number ONE archery sight. Micro drive pointer adjustment, ultra-light dovetail extension, and full capture mounting block all set this sight above the rest. In addition to these great features, the SURE-LOC ONE also has optional recurve adapter, armored 3rd axis, adjustable windage/elevation tension adjustments, center pivot 2nd axis, and a precise laser engraved scale.

• Easy 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment at the front of the sight.
• Elevation & Windage Adjustment (.002” Per Click)
• Full Capture Mounting Block
• Quick Disconnect
• Numbered detents on top and bottom to ensure proper positioning
• Micro Drive Pointer Adjustment
• Quick Adjust Push Button
• Armored 3rd now has scope rotation and added windage
• Optional Recurve Adaptor Available
• Armored 3rd Axis
• Adjustable Elevation/Windage Tension Adjustment
• Center Pivot 2nd Axis
• Precise Laser Engraved Scale
• Ultra light dovetail extension with NEW offsetting iso-grid
• Titanium guide rod

• Light Weight
• Weather Proof
• Vibration Proof

Available in 400 (4") and 550 (5.5") frames as well as 6" or 9" extensions.