MK Archery Z Riser 反曲弓身



MK Z gives you a new experience. You can experience a fast and sharp shooting, when you use a smooth and modern MK Z shoot.

Built from Forge-Welded 7075 aluminium, the MKZ undergoes a precise 3 step CNC machining process of rough machining, surface milling and finish cutting. Our advanced production process prevents twisting and increases tolerances. The centre of gravity is placed near the front edge of the riser, creating a fast and clean feeling that maximizes your feedback from each shot. The rosewood grip is designed with an increased slope and is shaped to concentrate pressure into the centre of the bow, which helps stabilize your shoulder and your aim. Beautifully finished in painted White or a range of 11 anodized colours for you to choose from: Black, Gray, Red, Violet, Green, Gold, Sky Blue, Pink, Brown, Silver, and Platinum Silver.


Length : 25″

Material : Aluminum 7075

Weight : 1,320g

Type : RH / LH