Diamond Providor 複合弓


The Provider by Diamond Archery is the new standard in versatility for the serious bowhunter on a budget. It allows for a wide range of adjustment, with more versatility than any of its competitors. Whether you’re a first time shooter or an experienced archer, you will love the way this bow feels and shoots. The Provider has an incredible range of draw weights, with settings from 20-70 lbs, and the adjustability doesn’t stop there! The draw length can be set anywhere from 25.5″ all the way out to 31″. It also weighs just 3.2 lbs, making The Provider one of the lightest bows on the market.


射速 (IBO Rate):
310 FPS
軸距 (Axle to Axle):
省力比 (Let-off):
中央弦距 (Brace Height):
7 1/2"
弓總重量 (Mass Weight):
3.3 LBS
磅數 (Draw Weight):
20-70 lbs
拉距(Draw Length):
顏色 (Colors):