Diamond Deploy SB 複合弓


The most technically advanced bow ever offered by Diamond Archery, the Deploy SB sets a new standard of performance in the field. Weighing in at only 3.2 pounds, the lightweight Deploy SB features an aerospace-inspired carbon riser, for minimal weight and maximum impact.

The Bowtech Binary Cam system, powers the Deploy SB at speeds up to 330 feet per second, while giving exceptional tunability, and a simple, hassle-free adjustment of draw length and let-off. It’s time to deploy maximum impact.


射速 (IBO Rate):
330 FPS
軸距 (Axle to Axle):
省力比 (Let-off):
中央弦距 (Brace Height):
弓總重量 (Mass Weight):
3.2 LBS
磅數 (Draw Weight):
50, 60, 70
拉距(Draw Length):
顏色 (Colors):
Micro Carbon, 迷彩