UUKHA Uprolite Riser 反曲弓身


Uukha Uprolite Riser 反曲弓身

Uprolite riser: 100% carbon high accuracy.


  • Made of 100% carbon, according to the monolith technology applied for Ux100 limbs.
  • UproLite makes it possible to exploit 100% of Ux100 limbs potential.
  • Tested over 100#
  • High accuracy straightness and alignment.
  • Design and structure garanty that straightness and alignment will remain perfect at full draw.
  • Mass 1025g, it's possible to add weight with or without AIM on the tiller screws (5/16"-24) or classicaly on the stabilisation.
  • Tiller screws allow weight adjustment in a -5% à +9% range.
  • Tiller screws original centering design garanties a lateral accuracy higher than classical design.
  • Lateral adjustment to obtain a perfect alignment.
  • Wooden grip.


  • Arrow leaving is a delight, the bow perfctly rocks in its plane without any lateral parasitic move.
  • The shock transmitted to the arm is very weak, with very low vibrations, energy seems fully transmitted to the arrow.
  • Grouping is improved.
Size 25"
Mass 1025g