Stryker Solution LS 十字弓


Stryker Solution LS 十字弓

Stryker 為美國著名輕兵器大廠及Bowtech 的子公司,將其最著名的板機機構移植到Stryker 系列十字弓

低於3 磅的板機施力,低於 0.015 英吋的板機動作空間,絕對精準

Stryker 並配備 Bowtech 子公司,最知名弦線製作廠 Octane 弓弦



磅數 155 磅
重量 6.9 磅
總長 35 英吋
軸距 19 3/16 英吋
開弓軸距 15 1/4 英吋
IBO 速度 390 FPS (每秒英呎)
衝程 15.5 英吋


由原廠代理商(Goodshot 射箭器材)所售出即享原廠終身保固,



  1.  ebay 等網路商店或其他社群商業網站購買.
  2. 弓弦止弦器軸承表面塗裝瞄準器瞄準鏡消音器箭袋等配件.
  3. 由於濫用使用方法錯誤放空弦改裝產品.
  4. 箭重低於380 grains, 或使用平板箭尾.



The Solution LS has everything you are looking for in a premium crossbow package. This bow is at the top of its class with Stryker’s leading technology, enhanced safety features (including a grip shield and Cease-Fire secondary safety), and our brand new laminated limbs. The Solution LS features a brand new high efficiency cam system as well as redesigned safety features on this Luxury Series crossbow.  Decorated in Realtree® APG® and with a bolt speed of 390 fps, it is sure to get the job done quickly! The Solution LS is everything you want in a crossbow, not just what you need.